Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hoppy Easter!

Easter was really low-key this year for us, and it couldn't have been a better year for it.  This prego mama can't handle all day events anymore :-)

The week before Easter Stella had a party at Abilities Plus.  They had stations for coloring eggs, making a craft, and coloring.  Then the bunny visited and we went on an egg hunt around the building (just visited every one's offices like Halloween).  We finished up with a light lunch.  They always put on the best parties, but in that hour and a half Stella had about 15 meltdowns.  I left in tears.  I was so sad because she's made so much progress and I thought we were past the anxiety breakdowns in public.  She's even been doing so well at playgroup.  There is just something about a crowded event with directed activities that sets her off.  Guess we have a ways to go still with therapy and testing.  More on that later though, back to Easter!
LOVED her little trinkets from the Abilities Plus Easter Egg Hunt!
That weekend we also celebrated Easter with Ryder since he was going to his dad's on Easter Sunday.  We opted to skip the bunny this year (She saw him at her party but I didn't try the lap.  Enough stress as it was!  She told him hi and didn't seem scared though!) and kept it simple with a day of play and dying (pretend) eggs.  They had a blast playing with the Easter grass (sorry Abby!) and just hanging out together.

On the Saturday of Easter weekend I got my hair done and went shopping, so I did most of my Easter prep Sunday morning.  I did have Stella try her hand at painting on an Easter Egg craft when I got home Saturday.  She LOVED it and did so well!  So much attention to detail!  We gave it to Great-Grandma for a present.  Going to have to do more painting for sure! 

I didn't really do too much this year for Easter...right now Stella is just into small trinkets and she LOVES eggs (thanks to gathering them with daddy every nice day) so it made it easy to keep it simple.  I made "s'more" filled eggs because I'm not big on too much candy.  I put bunny marshmallows, Golden Graham cereal, and dark chocolate chips in about 5 plastic eggs and left the other ones empty.  I only hid about 10 in our living room, no big deal.  Her Easter basket was full of fun trinkets from the dollar section at Target (surprised?  my usual!) as well as a soccer ball, bubble and Nerf guns.  She's a little tomboy!  Stella loved everything and had a blast gathering the eggs and putting them in her basket.  Her favorites were the gel filled eggs (LOVED playing with the gel) and Disney Princess CD.
We had our traditional cinnamon roll and coffee breakfast (found a new brand of cinnamon rolls in the health food section at Hy Vee...much better for you and taste awesome!  so long Pillsbury!) and just lounged around the house watching TV all morning.  Mark's family wasn't getting together this year since we just were together the weekend before, so we had pizza for lunch and Stella was able to nap while we got ready.  We went to my mom's around 4 and then to my Grandma's around 5 for a simple ham sandwich supper.  So I didn't even have to make anything, yay!  (this year, normally I enjoy it)  Stella did very well and loved playing with her cousin.  We headed home around 8 and had an early bedtime.  Another great holiday in the books, maybe the last one as a family of 3!
Stella is NOT into having her picture taken lately, can you tell??
Things have been CRAZY over here lately!  Just one of those times where there's so much to do, so many appointments, and everything in our house seems to be breaking!  Looking forward to things slowing down so I can finish my baby prep, only 6 weeks left (although I'm pretty sure I won't make it that long.)  Still feeling good though, thankfully.  I'll be back this weekend with another baby bump update.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and Spring Break!!

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