Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Return of the Third Trimester...

I feel like this pregnancy couldn't be more opposite from Stella's.  With Stella I felt great during the first two trimesters but struggled in the third, with this baby girl I was super nauseous during the first trimester, struggled with fatigue, headaches and sore feet in the second, and I entered the third feeling great!  I'll take it!  Now there are some days when I feel sore and really uncomfortable and don't get much done, but overall I am feeling pretty good so I'm trying to be as productive as possible!  As long as I pace myself my body is holding up pretty well :-)

I think the mild winter and warm "pre-spring" we have been having has helped so much!  Today was 73 degrees, so Stella and I played outside after nap time.  Now that she is bathed and fast asleep I can finally finish the 3rd Trimester post (even though I am 2 weeks into it, sitting at 30 weeks prego today!)  So here we go...

But first a picture of Stella having fun outside today :)
Physically:  My heartburn hasn't been all that bad lately.  I do take a few tums almost everyday, but it's much better than it was in the previous trimesters.  I have been doing much better with my nutrition, so I think that helps a lot!  It's so easy to fall off the wagon when you are exhausted and uncomfortable and just huge from being pregnant!  No excuse, I know, just how it is.  But cleaning up my nutrition was my number one priority for this last trimester, and now that I'm getting back on track my next focus is to add in some light exercise.  It is much easier now that my congestion and headaches are gone!  In fact I have also made decreasing my caffeine intake a priority lately.  I never went over the 200mg limit, but I'm just really trying to get strict on disciplining myself to make for an easier delivery and recovery :-)

Speaking of delivery...  I went to my doctor appointment last week (29 weeks).  I have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks, which I never really had with Stella.  My belly just gets SUPER tight and hard and then releases.  When I told my doctor he wanted to do a quick ultrasound to make sure I wasn't dilating or my cervix wasn't thinning.  Everything looked good and...SURPRISE...my placenta moved up!  I was shocked.  I had hoped it would but didn't expect it to.  Baby girl is also average weight right now, although she is breech at the moment.  SO...a VBAC isn't off the table anymore!  I am still debating between the two, but I know she might stay breech.  We will see.  My doctor was surprised how big I was, and they confirmed in the ultrasound that I have extra amniotic fluid.  Nothing dangerous, I'm just on the highest side of normal.  Gives her more room to move around, and just makes me bigger.  At least I know why ;)  She still moves around like crazy, which I love!!
Got to take another peak at my little girl.  She was holding her feet, it was so sweet.
Emotionally:  MUCH better.  I am so happy that Spring is (almost) here.  Feeling better has allowed me to be so much more productive at home, and Stella has been so much fun lately.  I mean she always is, but her progress has been remarkable and she's just a little sponge lately with quite the personality.  No terrible two's here!!

What I've been up to:  After Valentine's Day (read about how we celebrated HERE) I started to feel a little better, but the next few weeks were CONSUMED with Stella's therapy sessions and evaluations.  Her yearly evaluation was on March 2nd, so everyone had to get their evals done before the meeting.  Plus we had a referral for Occupational Therapy from her speech therapist, so that was done as well.  It was an exhausting few weeks, but it's done.  She is really making great progress.  Her language is good, now we are just focusing on using the words socially (she still tends to do that adorable babble).  We were able to reduce PT to once a month, we are just focusing on jumping, running, and climbing/stairs.  For OT we are going to work on a few of her sensory issues, mainly how she seeks motion so much.  The therapist thinks her constant need for motion interferes with her comprehension, which is still the biggest struggle of all and the primary focus across all therapies.  We will be working on some activities to do before learning tasks to help her focus better.  Overall everyone was pleased with her progress, and of course they all think she's adorable :-)  So we still continue to work on her therapy homework at home, but I have been reigning it in a bit because it's easy to be more "teacher" than "mom" when I try to force so much work on her and that's just not fun.  I don't want to suck the joy out of being her mama, and I want her to keep her uniqueness through it all.  Just working on finding that balance and also more opportunities for her to play with other kids right now.

Once Stella's new schedule was set up I had some free time to work around the house.  I went through each room and did a "detox" of our stuff.  Just the upstairs, for now the basement will have to wait (although Mark did do a major organizing/sorting downstairs in January, so it's in pretty decent shape).  I had gone through all my clothes, accessories, beauty products and make-up in January, so the hard work was mostly done.  I just sorted through all cupboards and drawers and purged all our old, unused stuff (toss or Goodwill depending on what shape it was in).  Now the house is in great shape for a good Spring Cleaning, which I plan to do in the next few weeks along with organizing the nursery.  Then I will post a home tour on my blog, I'm so happy with our little cozy home!

My next scheduled post is at 34 weeks.  That will already be the beginning of April so I'm sure I'll be starting to get a little nervous by then...