Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Last year Stella was sick on Valentine's Day so we didn't do anything too exciting.  This year I was ready to make up for it, and Stella is at a fun age to start doing some holiday activities!

Friday she had playgroup (more on that in her next update) in the morning.  They had a little Valentine's Day party and she got some cute things!  She had a great time and didn't want to leave when I picked her up!
Enjoying her loot from the Valentine's Party at Playgroup!
Friday afternoon we made a Valentine present for daddy.  It went surprisingly well!  I spent Friday night getting things ready for the weekend and doing an at-home spa night (waaaay overdue!)

Saturday Stella went to play with Grandma for the day so Mark and I could have a date.  We picked up sandwiches and had lunch at my mom's when we dropped Stella off around 1:00.  We headed to the Cities for a movie, The Revenant.  Mark had been wanting to see it since it came out so we decided to go for Valentine's Day.  It is the first movie we've seen in the theatre in almost 4 years!!  It was good but I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I could sit through a 3 hour movie at 6 months prego!  My back hurt by the end but the popcorn and root beer helped me through :-)

After the movie we headed back to town for dinner at the new restaurant, Z Best West.  Mark and I had steak dinners and dessert and once again it did not disappoint.  I think we knew half the crowd in there!  We went up to the bar for one drink after dinner since we weren't due to pick Stella up until 9:00pm.  It was so nice to get out just the two of us and even see some friends!  Stella had a fun time with Grandma and Ryder even stopped over to play for a bit!
Sunday we had a relaxing day at home.  It actually snowed about an inch or two, only the 2nd snow of the season!  Mark made pancakes and strawberries with whipped cream for brunch.  It was a hit with Stella!
Stella and I made some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for daddy after brunch was cleaned up...his favorite!  She had a lot of fun helping and they turned out really good!  Daddy also enjoyed the craft we made him Friday!
Stella and Mark took a nap in the afternoon while I got ready.  I wanted to attempt a baby bump picture with Stella in it and we actually got a few good ones!  I may have bribed her with heart stickers ;)
I made homemade pizza for dinner and we had the cupcakes for dessert.  We gave Stella her present after dinner and she enjoyed playing with the trinkets until bedtime (thank you Target dollar section for another perfectly full gift bag for under $10!  And the $4 dress Stella has on was quite the steal as well!) 

After Stella went to bed Mark and I watched The Walk.  My hands were SO sweaty through the entire movie, I am so afraid of heights!  Fascinating story though and the movie was pretty good! During the movie I got to enjoy my gift from Mark-a foot massager!  He knows how hard pregnancy is on my feet and got me a pretty awesome massager that even has heat to it.  I've used it plenty this weekend and it helps a lot!  Even gave me the motivation to give myself a pedicure!
This Valentine's Day weekend was such a good one, and to top it off Mark had today off work for President's Day!  Now back to reality tomorrow :-(  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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