Monday, February 8, 2016

25 Weeks Prego, Round 2

I'm actually 26 weeks pregnant today, but I went to the doctor and took my belly picture last week so we will go with 25 :-)  Here's what's been going on...

Physically:  I feel so much bigger this time around.  It's probably because I am!  The past few weeks I've just been all-around uncomfortable.  I can't seem to shake the head congestion, but my mom reminded me I wasn't pregnant in the winter last time so this is just something new.  I'm not sick, it's just so much swelling and dryness from both the pregnancy and winter.  I'm lucky this winter has been as mild as it has!  It's been so hard getting up and down, putting my shoes on must be done on the floor already!  I've had lots of heartburn too, but on the plus side my feet have been a tiny bit better!  I am going to really zero in on nutrition and exercise (just walking on the treadmill and yoga with a little bit of prenatal Pilate's when I feel up to it, nothing too crazy) in my 3rd trimester. I don't want to keep sliding downhill for the rest of my pregnancy.  Gotta keep the health and energy up so I can enjoy the rest of my time with my first girl and finish getting ready for my second to arrive!  Plus I want to have an easier delivery and recovery this time, and practicing good discipline and nutrition will lay a good foundation for that! 

Baby Girl moves all. the. time.  It is so different from Stella, at this point in my pregnancy with her I was just starting to feel movement!  This time it's very strong and consistent, which makes me feel so much better!  Mark has even felt and seen her move several times!  She weighed in at just over a pound and a half last week, which is right on track.  We got some great shots of her, and a very special color print of her in 3D.  She is so cute, I can't believe how much she looks like a real little baby already!

My check-up last week went well for the most part.  My glucose tests came back great.  This time I got a little nauseous around the 1-hour mark, I don't remember that last time.  I went in at 8:30 for my fasting blood draw, then they drew it again at 9:30 and then 10:30.  The appointment went fast though because I had an ultrasound and doctor visit scheduled between blood draws.  I was thankful baby girl looks great, but my placenta is still presenting some issues, which will only get worse with time unless it moves up.  Not a huge concern, but just some things to be aware of.  It is still really low, just over the cervix.  If it doesn't move I might have some bleeding, which could lead to a hospital stay.  He doesn't think this will happen (and it didn't with Stella even though I had this problem then too), but a second pregnancy carries a little more risk, especially if you've had a previous c-section.  Again, not a huge deal just something to be aware of.  He said there are no precautions to take at this point, but if it doesn't move up I will definitely have to go with another c-section.  Sigh.  The baby is also laying sideways in my tummy, but they are confident she will move before delivery.  But again, if she doesn't it means a c-section.  Looks like the deck is already stacked against me for a VBAC.  I'm not too disappointed, as I hadn't made a delivery decision yet either way.  Won't do that until time gets closer and we get a final check-in with my pesky placenta and gymnast baby girl!

Emotionally:  Kind of a blah few weeks.  This winter has been pretty mild- average temperatures in the 30-40s with no snow to speak of (except that storm on Stella's birthday weekend!)  This has helped a lot, but I've just been feeling pretty crappy physically, which in turn makes me feel drained mentally.  Hoping that takes a turn for the better soon, I have a lot left to do!  I'm really thinking amping up my nutrition and exercise will help out :-)  Usually does!  Just have to stop waiting to feel better to do it, and instead do it to feel better!
Always love the little feet pictures!

What I've been up to:  Mark worked hard to organize the basement and now he's going through lots of stuff out in the shop.  Long overdue!  I think he's nesting ;)  After the holidays and a bad sinus infection, I worked to get Stella's big girl room all set up (even though she's not in her toddler bed yet).  I cleaned my house FINALLY to get rid of all the germs.  Next on the agenda is re-organizing our master suite and making a few changes in there since I lost my office/dressing room to Stella's room :-)  Then I'm going to do a quick detox of our house (going through a big Goodwill phase!) and some spring cleaning.  Also really trying to zero in on Stella's therapies and developmental work, she has her check-up at the end of March with her specialist and I'm hoping for some good progress!  Add in taking care of my fitness and health and we're looking at a busy month!  Then it will be time to do the final preparations for Baby Girl!  Yay!

See you at 28 weeks when I will welcome the 3rd Trimester.  Yikes, it will go fast now!

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