Monday, January 4, 2016

This time it's a...

GIRL AGAIN!!!!  I was so surprised.  This pregnancy is nothing like my first.  I was never sick with Stella, I was so nauseous and had several food and smell aversions for 14 weeks this time!  This baby's heartbeat always ran on the slow side, Stella's was always very fast.  I just thought it was a boy!  I even told people that.  Boy was I wrong (see what I did there?)  I know Mark wants a boy, as I think deep down every father does and every mother wants a little girl, but we are very happy Stella will grow up with a sister.  I can't imagine not having a sister.  Plus it will be nice already having a house full of girl stuff ;-)

Mark went with me to the ultrasound while Stella played at Grandma and Grandpa's.  This was the first time Mark got to see baby girl and hear her heartbeat, I was glad he could get off work.  We were in the office for quite a while, their power flashed off so they had to re-boot everything.  The ultrasound itself only took about 20 minutes.  The tech is SO much better than the ones I had with Stella, and you do the ultrasound right in the office.  Before I had to do it in the hospital section.  Here they also have a TV on the wall so you can see everything the whole time, with Stella I had to fight to see the tiny computer screen.  MUCH better experience!!  Plus she even does some 3D imaging, something I never had with Stella.  You don't even have to pay extra here!  It was a really nice surprise.  Baby girl was all over the place, she is so much more active than Stella ever was!

Everything looked very healthy and normal thankfully.  My placenta is sitting lower than normal again, just like with Stella.  At my 25 week appointment I have to do another ultrasound to check it out.  Once again my doctor isn't too concerned about it, just something we have to keep an eye on to avoid pre-term labor.

After the appointment Mark and I went to Gander Mountain to check out concealed carry guns for me.  Yes I am eventually getting it.  With the way things are going in our world you can never be too careful, and I want to feel confident that I can protect my girls!  Mark had to really convince me at first, but the recent terrorist shootings put the nail in the coffin for me.  Right now I am in the process of getting my FOID card, and after baby girl comes I am going to brush up on my shooting and then take the class.  After that we went to an early supper at Olive Garden to celebrate and then headed home to pick up Stella.  We decided to wait until the holidays to do a fun gender reveal with our families since it was right around the corner.  This time we don't have a name picked out yet.  We still have time.  We have a few choices that we like, but just waiting to see what feels right.

At Christmas we wrapped up cute little packages for our parents and grandparents with some pictures and gifts from our family photo shoot and chocolate "It's a Girl!" cigars.  Everyone was surprised it was another girl but very excited!!

We shared the news with friends just before the New Year with the first picture in this post on Facebook.  I had a few other favorites from the "shoot" so I will share those with you.  Stella had lots of fun playing with the pink New Years gear!

Halfway there already.  It seems to be going slower this time, but I'm OK with that because I have so much left to do and it takes twice as long to prepare for a baby when you're chasing a toddler around!  So far Stella has no idea that I'm even pregnant, but she loves kids and calls them all "baby" (or "Ryder" if it's a boy haha) so I think after the adjustment period she will be so in love with her sister!  I'm very happy with the age difference between the two, with Stella needing lots more help I'm glad we waited a bit.  She is doing SO well in all her therapies and I'm hopeful she will be caught up by the time her sister arrives!  And if not we are still on the right track :-)  We're going to have another daughter!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't taken my 20 week bump pictures yet because I have been so sick for the past week.  I am feeling better so I will get it done this week, check back next weekend to see that picture (so it will actually be done at 21 weeks...close enough).  I took Stella with me today for my monthly doctor check-up.  She did really well, in fact we even got a full round of groceries after without a meltdown!!  Everything looked great today, baby girl was squirmy and her heart rate was up.  Other than my terrible sinus infection and sore feet I have been feeling great!  My doctor even told me I looked good, which was a nice change from my previous doctor, who never failed to tell me I was too big at EVERY single visit.  Everything is so much more relaxed this time.
Got the picture on :-)

I will be back with another baby update at 25 weeks (still staying on track with matching all my prego posts with Stella's, woo hoo!)

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