Saturday, January 2, 2016

Merry Christmas 2015!

This year I am happy to report we were all healthy for Christmas (although we got sick right after...more on that in the New Year's post...) and with Stella being a little older we were able to do a few more things!  We got our tree a week after Thanksgiving.  It was hunting weekend, but Daddy snuck away to get a tree with us.  We got one at Weber's Tree Farm in Geneseo.  Stella whined a lot in the car, but enjoyed looking at the sheep they have there!  I sipped my usual hot chocolate while we picked out our tree.  It was a very warm and beautiful day.  After getting our tree, Mark decided to skip hunting that night so Stella hung out with Grandma while we snuck up to the new bar in town to grab lunch.  We stopped in the new bakery across the street to grab some holiday cupcakes and cookies for dessert.  It used to be an ice cream shop when I was in high school...that was my first job!  It's nice to see it up and running again.  Their treats are phenominal and they still serve ice cream too!  Stella enjoyed a cookie when we got home :-)
That night we set the tree up and the next day we decorated the house.  We didn't do any lights outside this year, next year we will make sure to since Stella will appreciate it more!  Stella didn't really get into the tree at all...she liked the ornaments but after a few times re-directing her she left it alone all season!  Of course I had to burn my pine tree Scentsy and enjoy a cupcake and Peppermint Mocha while I decorated ;-)
The weekend before Christmas Mark and I took Stella and Ryder to see Santa at the bakery in Annawan (same place I talked about earlier!)  Mrs. Claus was with him.  Ryder was very brave this year but Stella wanted nothing to do with it!  She even cried when he tried to talk to her!  They were handing out free cookies and lemonade to the kids, it was a really nice event.  After we got done we went to my mom's to let the kids play a bit, and then we got a pizza at the new pizza place in town (so proud of all the new businesses in our little hometown!) and headed home to enjoy it.  We drove through Windmont Park on the way home, they put on a spectacular lights show every year.  I tried to take pictures but none of them turned out.  Maybe next year!
The week of Christmas my feet started hurting really bad.  It's from being pregnant, right under the arches.  I had it with Stella too, but it didn't start until about month 7.  This is way too early!  It hurts just to stand, not fun at all.  Glad I see my doctor Monday!  Anyways...that had me down for the few days before Christmas, so I had to do all my wraping and cooking on Christmas Eve.  Thankfully Mark had this year off work so he was a huge help, but I will sure never leave stuff for that day again.  It's meant to be enjoyed!  We got everything done and cleaned up by 2:00 and headed into town to my sisters for Christmas with our parents.  It's so nice we can still do that together, it's so hard to fit several Christmases in.  We had appetizers and drinks (coffee for me!) and opened gifts.  Stella got so many awesome toys that I can't wait to set up!  She had a great time playing with Ryder.  Around 5:30 we headed to my Grandma's for our annual Christmas Eve party.  We ate supper and opened gifts.  Stella started getting pretty fussy (long day with no nap!) but we took her leggings and boots off and she was instantly better.  Must have been pretty hot!  We headed home around 10 and finished the last night on her advent calendar (which she LOVED all month!).  Daddy read her Olaf's night before Christmas, and she went to bed so Santa could come.  Mark and I had a nightcap (hot chocolate for me!) while we got everything set up and cleaned up.  We were in bed by midnight, not too bad!
Christmas morning Stella slept until 9:30!  It was amazing.  I got my cooking done (I made a pigs-in-a-blanket wreath with a bell pepper bow and BBQ/cranberry sauce for every party we went to...had it down by the 3rd time!) and breakfast in the oven and the gifts ready to go before she got up.  She came out to see her slide, doctor kit, coloring game, and stocking.  I got it on video she went straight to the slide, sat on it and said "Oh my thank you!"  It was adorable.  Kaiser enjoyed tearing apart his yearly stuffed toy (a Santa this year) and couldn't wait to go bury his bone outside!  We spent the morning exchanging gifts, watching Christmas shows, and having breakfast and coffee.  It was an enjoyable morning.  I got Mark a punching bag and the Christmas Classics cartoons, he got me a tablet, I am so excited!!  It's time to get with the times ;-)
After showering and getting ready we headed to Mark's aunt's house at 1:00 for lunch.  It was an exhausting day because Stella was already tired and I had to follow her all day due to stairs and a balcony at their house, but we still had a very nice time.  Stella always seeks out her boy cousins, they are wild and sure make her laugh!  She also enjoyed coloring the tablecloth with the girls.  I can't believe how much she's growing up!  She didn't eat much though, and by 6:00 she was DONE.  We headed home and she went to bed early while we relaxed on the couch and watched Bad Santa.  I was glad we went home early I was also exhausted and my feet HURT!
20 weeks into Pregnancy #2!
A few misc. pictures from the month:  We always keep the reason for the season alive in our home, so this year I ordered Stella some basic books and a DVD about the story of Jesus' birth.  She enjoyed them but next year I will go into more depth.  She did a lot of coloring this Christmas.  The bottom right picture is from her Christmas party at therapy.  They did crafts (Stella never left the coloring table of course), sang songs, saw Santa, got a gift, and ate Happy Joe's Pizza (that we missed, we had to leave early because Stella was crying of course.)  She also enjoyed "helping" mommy wrap gifts, i.e. carrying around the bows or "pretties" as she called them!
So this year we had a wonderful Christmas and were able to see almost all of our family.  We did our gender announcement at Christmas, I will post on that soon too!  Stella and I got sick a few days after Christmas, so this last week has been pretty boring and unproductive as we try to rest up.  Today is the first day since Monday that I've felt human, so I am trying to get some stuff done around the house.  Got the Christmas decorations and tree down so this week I can focus on wrapping up some other projects and then clean the house when we are all better.  I hope to go out next weekend for dinner since we totally missed New Year's this year :(  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, I will be back with a 2 year update for Stella (way overdue), a 20 week pregnancy check-in/gender reveal post for baby #2, and  New Year's post this week as I wrap up lots of stuff for 2015.  I'm giving myself an extra week since we were sick...maybe next year we'll make it through the entire holiday season healthy...

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