Monday, December 14, 2015

18 Week Bump Update!

My first trimester seemed to drag this time...I was so sick and it was hard to wait until we could share the news.  Since I entered the second trimester, however, time is flying by!  I have so much to get done before baby arrives!!  But for now, a quick bump update will have to do...

Physical Changes:
I am already showing, and have been for quite a while.  They say that happens after your first pregnancy.  I haven't gained as much weight as last time though...probably due to all that nausea in the first trimester!  My goal is to weigh the exact same at 20 weeks prego as I did with Stella...even though I haven't gained as much, I started out 7 pounds heavier with this baby.  Then I aim to only gain a pound a week until I deliver, which should put me at gaining about 40 pounds with this pregnancy.  That's 10 pounds less than with Stella, which will help because those last 10 were the hardest to lose!!  Other than my growing belly, I have been fighting terrible headaches (which I finally had to get medicine for from my doctor...basically Tylenol with a little added caffeine...perfectly safe just gives me a boost to get through the headache.  They were so bad a few days I couldn't leave the couch.)  I have also had very sensitive teeth and nosebleeds and stuffiness when I forget to run my humidifier at night.    Heartburn is also starting to rear its' ugly head, time to re-invest in a drawer full of Tums!  Happily I do think I've felt some movement already from my little babe...although they are so small it's hard to tell at this point.  Stella was always behind the placenta so I rarely felt her the whole pregnancy which was kinda sad.  Hopefully I feel more movement this time, it's so special :-)

Emotional Outbursts?
I don't think I've been too emotional this time.  Already having a daughter keeps me pretty busy and grounded, not as much time for irrational fears!  Sometimes I laugh really hard for no reason...which is kinda weird yet kinda normal for me so hard to say if it's the baby doing it to me or not!  My main concerns right now are staying healthy and getting our tiny house ready for 2 kiddos!  I sure plan to make the most of this winter and feeling my best in trimester 2!

Staying Healthy:
Uggg.  The struggle has been HUGE this time.  I was so exhausted, nauseous, and plagued by headaches for 14 weeks, on top of taking care of Stella and trying SO HARD to get her caught up developmentally, that taking care of myself didn't go well.  I did good enough to take care of my baby, but it certainly could have been better.  But now that I am feeling better and have my energy back I am getting myself back on track.  I am putting my exercise, clean eating plans, and motivation back to work so that I can look and feel my best throughout the rest of my pregnancy!  Gotta have some energy for all the work that needs done around here...

Preparing for Baby:
Haven't done much so far!!  After mustering through trimester 1, I started feeling better but then all my attention was on Stella's birthday and now the holidays.  I am allowing myself to enjoy the holidays and experience them stress-free (except the normal holiday stress, of course!).  Then I have lots on my to-do list this winter...clean up the nursery and get all baby's items and clothes out, set up Stella's big girl bedroom, deep clean our house and make a few changes to our master suite, organize our basement (which sadly now looks worse than when we moved in!  so much stuff!), hopefully get Stella caught up developmentally and possibly potty-trained (fingers crossed!), get all my scrap booking caught up, do some work to my blog, and take better care of myself.  Yikes that is quite the list for 3 months, and that's just off the top of my head!  I plan to spend the last month enjoying my time with Stella and resting up for all those sleepless nights!  The timing of this pregnancy is perfect...right when I feel my best the weather keeps us inside so I will have plenty of time to work on all my projects. is due during Mark's busiest time of year (AGAIN, since he has a new job...we gotta quit doing that!) so that timing isn't on our side.  It will all work out :-)

Belly Pics:
Only have one new one for this update...

I did have a check-up last week with an ultrasound, so we do know the sex of our baby already!  We plan to share the news with our families at Christmas, and I will do a public post soon after that :-)

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