Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Baby Bomleny #2!!

After having Stella I knew it would be a while until I was ready for another for a few reasons.  First, I enjoyed taking plenty of time to spend with just her and figure out the whole mommy gig.  Second, I did have a difficult recovery after she was born.  My body didn't take to the C-section very well and I had postpartum depression.  But fast forward a little over a year and a half later and I started getting the baby itch again!  I don't think you can ever say you are truly ready for a baby, whether it's your first or fourth, but you can be ready to get ready, and that's exactly how I felt!  Mark and I decided to start trying in August because I knew I wanted a summer baby this time around, and I got pregnant immediately.  I will be due during his busy season darn it, but I can't complain because I feel so blessed to be able to conceive so easily.  I can't wait for another baby in our house!  Throughout this pregnancy I am going to try my best to mirror my blog posts to the ones I did when I was prego with Stella, so you will see this follows the first post I did with Stella's pregnancy.  Read that HERE.

How did you find out you were pregnant?
I took a test a little too early and it came back negative.  It was the First Response test I took with Stella, and you can find out 6 days BEFORE your missed period.  I took it 8 days before because I was so anxious, lesson learned.  I still pretty much knew I was pregnant (thank you incredibly sore boobs...TMI I know, sorry!) so I took another one 2 days later and sure enough it was positive!!  Mark was going to be at work until very late at night because they had a customer appreciation dinner, and not being one to be able to wait I called and told him at work!  It was nice to be able to enjoy it this time, I was very sick when I found out I was pregnant with Stella. 

How were you feeling emotionally in the beginning?
This time I barely felt pregnant.  I called the doctor when I got the positive result and they said they don't usually see patients until they are 6 weeks along.  I could go in to have it confirmed, but she said at-home tests are so reliable they didn't think I needed to unless I wanted.  I decided to wait, my Dr is in Peoria this time around so it's a bit more of a drive.  So the first 6 weeks I barely felt pregnant.  It's hard when you can't tell anyone, it just doesn't seem real.  We had quite a few social events in the beginning, and my bump popped out almost immediately, so it was harder to hide this time but we did it!

Were you sick at all?
Ugg.  Yes very.  Around 5 weeks I started to get super nauseous.  I had several food aversions, like coffee, pumpkin anything, and eggs.  My 3 favorite things, especially in the fall!  It sucked.  I could also barely stand any strong smells at all.  When Mark made coffee on the weekends I about lost it.  I could only eat comfort foods or I would feel like I could throw up.  Mainly carbs.  I watched 6 pounds creep back on right away and it was so frustrating after working so hard to lose all my post-Stella baby weight.  But such is life.  I also didn't exercise because I was exhausted ALL. THE. TIME.  This was a much harder first trimester than my first pregnancy, especially with a (super active, tantrum-throwing, therapy loaded) toddler!  I never threw up but I wished I would have just so I could feel better.  Every time I stood up I felt like I was on a boat and completely seasick.  Finally around 8 weeks I started taking 25mg of vitamin B6 every morning and night and that helped a bit.  I was also sleeping like CRAP!!  I was up to pee 2 or 3 times in the night and then it would take me 1-2 HOURS to get back to sleep.  This led to me being in bed for about 10 hours just to get 7 hours of sleep.  Safe to say September and October were pretty unproductive months around here!  And for my last exciting (sarcasm) prego symptom, my face and back broke out like a teenager!  It was so bad.  I loaded on the tea tree oil hoping it would clear itself up, but at 10 weeks I finally broke down and went to the dermatologist.  She gave me 2 safe prescription creams and they cleared up with in a week thankfully.  Now that I'm through the first trimester I am feeling and looking much better and back to a normal sleep schedule, so it's time to get back to eating clean and working out.

Any cravings?
Noodles, rice, pizza, pasta, potatoes, cheese and to balance out all those lovely carbs and fat the occasional salad.  Most fruits and veggies made me sick, so I sucked down a lot of those all-natural fruit pouches.  Not very cheap, but better than not nourishing my baby!

How did you tell family and friends?
 I told my sister-in-law and sister right away again.  I had to have someone to share everything with!  We waited until Halloween to tell everyone else. We dressed up like this on Halloween:

We visited my in-laws in the morning, and then my parents in the afternoon.  Halloween night my family always gathers at my Grandma's after trick-or-treating, so we told my family then.  Mark sent the picture to the rest of his family when we got home.  Some people got it right away, others we had to kind of hint at it.  But if you're not looking for it, I can see how the costumes would be hard to catch.  It was a really fun reveal day though!  The following day we posted this announcement on Facebook:

When are you due?
May 11th.  According to the math it was May 16th, but they moved it up because my confirmation ultrasound at 6 weeks showed the baby was measuring big already!  (of course)  Here's our newest peanut:

Will you find out the gender?
Absolutely.  My next appointment is December 10th.  We will find out the gender then.  This time around I am a lot more laid back, so we aren't doing any genetic testing.  Not that I don't worry, but I just don't find it necessary this time.  I don't worry as much ;-)  He said I could wait to see him again until we could find out the gender since everything looked good and it's my second baby, and I am OK with that!  I love my new doctor.  It's the first time I've had a male, but I'm already over the awkwardness.  He's so laid back, just like Stella's current doctor.  This personality type works well for me in a doctor since I tend to be a little (OK a lot) Type A. 

Belly pictures?
Not going to do weekly pictures this time, it's a lot!!  I will do them as often as I can though!  Here's the first one at 14 weeks, celebrating the end of the first trimester!

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