Monday, January 5, 2015

Merry Christmas 2014!

So, about 3 hours after I published my last blog post the flu hit me.  HARD.  I was being a little too cocky, I didn't really think I'd end up getting sick.  After all, it had been about 23 years since I've had the flu and about 2 years since I'd had as much as a sniffle (allergies not included), plus I had my flu shot.  Boy did it catch up to me!  Around 7:00 we started Stella's bath and I told Mark I either needed to puke or eat dinner.  My stomach was cramping up like I was having contractions!  Mark had to put Stella to bed by himself while I waited.  About 20 minutes later it began.  I threw up every 10 minutes for 5 hours straight.  Finally I caught about 3 hours of sleep and woke up around 3:30am to puke every ounce of water I had managed to choke down since it began.  And then the relief hit.  I slept for a few more hours until Stella woke up.  With our families being sick Mark had no choice but to stay home from work on Tuesday to take care of the baby (after spending the night taking care of me!)  I was no longer puking but I was too weak to leave the couch.  Or so I thought.  Then the flu hit Mark around 10am.  We struggled all day but managed to take care of Stella and Kaiser without calling for help (if you've experienced this year's flu you will know how challenging that was!).  I really hoped we had a 24 hour thing and would be feeling better by Wednesday, which was Christmas Eve.
So thankful for the Christmas activities we did between croup and the flu:  decorating the house (with the help of White Chocolate Mocha coffee and an Advocare shake) and reading Christmas books with Stella.
We got our tree with my sister and Ryder before the flu hit us all.  We went to the same tree farm we went to as kids and followed it up with lunch at the Taco House, just like we used to as a family (I'm a sucker for tradition).  After that we did pictures with the Grinch, and I'm glad we did because we never made it to see Santa.  That evening Mark and I also participated in a trivia night, it was a fun day!

And then I woke up at 6am Wednesday morning unable to move my jaw.  Seriously, it was like I had lockjaw.  The weirdest stuff happens to me.  I was in so much pain that I told Mark we had to go to the ER.  It was the last thing I wanted to do on Christmas Eve (or ever, frankly) but I couldn't even talk and I thought I might burst in flames from the pain.  So we loaded Stella up (luckily the weather was decent) and headed to Perry Memorial.  They ran a CAT scan and checked my blood work but everything was fine.  It might have been the croup from Stella, or some virus from the flu, but the muscles in my face were extremely inflamed.  After 4 hours in the ER and one glorious pain medication shot they sent me on my way.  Stella had been a good girl, entertaining the volunteers, but an entire morning in the hospital is waaaaaaaaaaay to much for a 1 year old so she was pretty crabby by the time we left.  So was her father (who was still fighting the flu).  Personally I was on cloud 9 from that shot ;-)  We managed to share a breakfast meal from McD's and headed home.  We knew we were out of commission for the holiday but chose to make the best of it.  When we got home Mark napped while I ran to Walgreens to pick up my pain medication.  I also got some rice and mashed potatoes hoping we would finally be able to eat that night...and we were!  We went to bed early and just hoped Christmas Day would be better.
Poor sick baby!  I gave her a haircut (2nd one already!) the night before croup struck.  All she could do was sleep in her upright bouncy chair with her beloved puppy.  Nothing worse than a sick baby!  Broke mama's heart.

By Thursday we were doing much better!  We hadn't really done the Santa thing this year and my shopping wasn't even done (note to self:  do not wait until the day before Christmas to finish your shopping.  but, to be fair, sickness plagued our house since December 4th, and in November I was focused on Stella's first birthday and Thanksgiving.), but we spend the morning eating cinnamon rolls and watching the parade.  I had my stocking stuffers ready, so we opened those and Mark and I exchanged gifts.  We brought up a bunch of Stella's birthday toys (I like to open a few at a time and switch them out as she tires of them.  No need for a million toys, especially in an 800 sq ft home), so she was very happy playing with those all day!  We showered and gave Stella a bath and I even put a little make-up on.  We spend the day lounging and watching Christmas movies and playing with Stella.  I really missed seeing our families, but honestly it was a really nice day.  Mark and I played some trivia games and looked through old picture albums.  It was nice to just relax with my family and reflect on the reason for the season...the celebration of baby Jesus!  That evening we planned to take Stella and Kaiser for a ride to look at lights, but after picking up some leftovers at Mark's aunts (they live down the road from us) Stella was pretty fussy so we just called it a day.  And a fine day it was!
Someone was up a little too early for Santa!  She LOVED her special breakfast of cinnamon rolls and Kaiser LOVED his stuffed gingerbread man (even though he ripped it open in about 3 minutes, he sure had fun doing it).  Stella's stocking was full of books and she loved every one!  I snapped a quick picture of her in her Christmas dress that she never got to wear :-(

The following weekend we celebrated with family.  I ran to town Saturday morning and finished my shopping and grabbed some coffee at the local coffee shop, and then Mark ran into work for a few hours to get caught up.  My parents came over at 1:00, and we had some coffee and snacks and just played with Stella.  It was really nice because they could open her gifts with her and then play with them!  They got her so much nice stuff, they really go all out on the holidays and we appreciate it SO much.  It was a perfect afternoon.  Then around 5 we headed to Atkinson to spend the evening with Mark's family.  They were having a birthday party for Ben & Mo, who have birthdays right after Christmas, so it was really nice to spend some time with them.  We hung out and ate pizza, Stella was up until 9:30 and had a blast with her cousins!  On Sunday morning I took Stella to Annawan to see my family.  We had coffee at my grandma's and I brought Stella's elephant that my grandma got her so she could see her sit on it.  Great minds think alike, it was the only gift I was going to purchase for Stella myself!  She just loves it.  Monday Stella spend the day with G&G Bomleny while I got some things done.  Mark and I took a pizza over after work and opened gifts and hung out with them, and then our Christmas celebrations were complete!  (we just missed seeing my dad's side of the family, but hope to make up for that this winter!) 
Fun weekend celebrating with our families, and all were healthy!!

You might have noticed a recurring theme in our celebrations....snacks, coffee, leftovers, coffee, pizza, coffee, pizza....despite the sickness all month we really enjoyed the "different" holiday this year...BUT with that being said I was sure ready to ring in the new year and get back to a clean, healthy home!  I've been working my tail off this past week to get everything cleaned and returned to normal so we can get back into our healthy routines.  I've accomplished a lot but have a ways to I'm off to cross the rest of the items off my list and I'll blog soon about our New Years celebrations and some of my goals and resolutions for 2015!  Stay healthy and safe...we're set to get about 6 inches of snow and -20 temps in the next few days!!!

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