Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Photo Session and Christmas Cards

Just wanted to squeeze in a little holiday cheer on my blog before Christmas, because it's been one heck of a month and Mark and I are living on borrowed time from the ever-dreaded and popular FLU that is circling through our family this season.

Our month started off with Stella getting croup.  She was really sick for about 10 days.  We made 2 trips to the doctor, 1 to the hospital, and 2 to the pharmacy before we could call her recovered.  Her throat was very tight, she had a hard time breathing, sleeping, name it and she struggled with it!  I must say she remained as cute and lovable as ever, even continuing to do her trademark "dance" (or arms raised in "Praise Jesus" form as we call it) when her new baby doll sang to her.  She is such a sweet girl!

So for the first half of the month we were not in holiday mode at all, but by the 13th Stella was doing better and the weather was beautiful (upper 40s) so we decided to get our tree (more on that in another holiday blog post).  Not even a week after that the flu hit.  It started with my sister and nephew and then moved onto my mom and then to poor little Stella.  This didn't bring her down as much as croup did but she threw up a couple of times Friday night and then twice in her crib overnight Saturday night (you haven't lived until you pull puke out of a baby's ears with a q-tip.  super fun.).  She's not eating as much as normal and has had diarrhea (which was a welcome site actually as the constipation has been bugging her off and on since her birthday), but other than that she still seems happy-go-lucky.  I have been keeping her home all week though, just in case.  Tomorrow I hope to finish up my shopping, wrapping, and baking as well as take Stella to see Santa.  Big day but gotta fit it all in, Christmas is in 2 days!!  I am just praying Mark and I make it through without getting the flu ourselves.  We've both been drinking lots of OJ and taking it easy as we've felt slightly run down.  Maybe it's from caring for a sick baby all month, that is exhausting!  Even our dog Kaiser decided to join the club and throw up all over the basement!

So...onto the fun part of the post!  Back in early November we had a family holiday mini-photo shoot with a local photographer I have been so eager to work with.  She did not disappoint!  Check out her website Sarah Sunstrom Photography to see just how awesome she really is!  Here are a few of my favorite images from our session (and yes, I do own the rights to these photos.  included in the package we got)...

I was so in love that I already booked a full session with her for this summer.  I mean if she can capture these in 10 minutes during windy, freezing weather I can hardly wait to see what she can shoot in an hour and a half with sunset lighting!!  Super excited!

Finally I wanted to share our Christmas card.  I had a simpler one made to mail out to all Mark's customers (I just whipped one up from Wal Mart because he of course told me last minute he needed them!), but for our family ones I splurged on some great cards from Shutterfly.  I had a million coupons so I got them for a great price!  I love Christmas cards and I hope to make our mini-photo session a yearly tradition. 

I will do another holiday post after the holidays, I have lots more pictures from our adventures to share.  But right now my house needs tidying and my baby needs snuggles while watching Veggie Tales Christmas Songs (for the 100th time).  Merry Christmas to all, enjoy your health, families, and please remember the reason for the season!

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