Tuesday, October 21, 2014

11 Month Update

Lots of celebrating this month!  We tried to live it up while we could knowing harvest was just around the corner.  We are now entering the "daddy's never home" stage.  Only now it's not just mama missing him...Stella cries when he leaves her in the morning and claps when he comes home (on the rare occasion he makes it home before she goes to bed).  But prior to this past week, we took a fun "adult" trip to Chicago (read about that HERE), celebrated Mark's and my birthdays (read what we did HERE), attended the Bomleny reunion, and got Stella's 1 year pictures taken (a bit early, we wanted to catch the beautiful fall weather...I will be sharing those around her birthday).  We also spent plenty of time playing with all Stella's wonderful cousins.  Having a big family is truly the best (especially when you all really get along!).
Swinging with Ryder.

Picnic fun with Mo.

best friends.  hanging out at the reunion.

The Routine:
Reading the monthly food routine from last month made me realize NOTHING changed at all!  I did introduce a few table foods here and there, but she always gagged.  Finally I was able to get her to eat pancakes (48 weeks).  Hopefully it will be easier from here on out!  I made a chicken stew and she hated it at first, but after a few tries she grew to love it.  She likes any vegetable and meal heated up a bit now.  We are done with the afternoon nap, she still sleeps from 7am-7pm, but now she naps from about 11:30-1:00.  I actually prefer one longer nap as opposed to two short ones :-)  (46 weeks).  Also a quick note about bath time:  she now wants to sit up in the tub and is enjoying playing in the bath.  Time to get the bath toys out!

bath time with her favorite toy:  the green ring.  simple kid.

yumm, pancakes!
A few of Stella's favorite things:
  • Milestones:  Again...EEEKKK!  Stella is really "behind the curve".  I say this with love.  But she doesn't show any interest in crawling, standing, or pulling herself up.  She loves to play and jump in her bouncer and is super flexible, but she just doesn't want to move.  She's a good baby but I can't help but be concerned.  I work with her a few times throughout the day.  She gets upset, but we're trying.  I'm anxious to see how her check-up goes next month.  She did learn a few new tricks this month:  she can sit up on her own from a reclining position (when she falls back on the pillow), she knows if she's holding a toy during a clothes change she needs to switch hands when I pull her arm through her shirt, she can repeat "mama" after I say it, and she had her 3rd & 4th bottom teeth poke through (45 weeks).  With 8 teeth, we started brushing her teeth this month and she loves it!  Last week she was fussy, drooly, and really poopy.  I think more teeth are on their way, and this time I wasn't shy with the Tylenol!
  • Stella is scared of a few things.  So I guess these AREN"T her favorite things:  men (except daddy), the car wash, elevators, loud noises, Kaiser barking, and every time the car or stroller come to a stop.  This makes shopping and running errands not very fun!
  • Now back to the favorites.  Playing and rolling the ball back to you.  Or trying anyways.
  • Sitting turned around in her stroller like a big girl.
  • Grabbing out of reach toys with her toes or pulling the blanket she sits on toward her until she can reach the toy.  Seriously, girl doesn't wanna move.
  • Making the "kkkkk" sound and just constant babbling in general.
  • Ryder and Kaiser.  They make her laugh so hard that she turns red and the vein pops out in her forehead.
  • Laughing when babies and kids cry.  Guess we're going to have a manners lesson soon...
  • Playing "peek a boo" around the side of the couch.
  • Shaking her head back and forth when she's happy.
  • Slapping her bare tummy during diaper changes.

Popsicles with Grandpa

watching Ryder play at Grandma's

baby's first doll
 Around the house:
  • Sadly I spoke too soon about my medication.  After being off it for a bit I felt the old feelings creeping back in.  I made the decision to stick with it until December like my doctor suggested.  I have a check-up before the New Year and we'll go from there.  It's always harder doing everything on my own but I know that's a part of our life every Spring and Fall.  Now it's just time to focus on getting ready for Stella's birthday!  I am excited for her party!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Birthday Fun

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so it works out perfectly that Mark, Stella and I all celebrate our birthdays in the fall!  We don't usually do too much since Mark is almost always in the middle of harvest, but since it's been pushed back a bit this year we decided to have some fun.

Mark's birthday is October 5th.  He went out with some friends the night before and we had plans to spend the day with Stella in Peoria.  Of course, she decided not to nap and it was pretty chilly out so we lounged around the house and went out for some delicious Mexican food that night.  It was Mark's first time going to dinner with Stella, and she did very good.  Except she was a little too happy.  She screamed and clapped through dinner.  Seriously, who about has to leave a restaurant because their child is too HAPPY?  She's a unique baby alright.  I made Mark a Chocolate Pumpkin Spice cake to take to work for his birthday (yes, I still believe in "birthday treats" for adults).  It was amazing! (we sampled it the night before and Mark got to blow his candles out)

This past weekend is what we usually call our "birthday weekend" since it falls in between our birthdays (Mine is the 14th).  On Saturday Mark worked and Stella visited my mom while I enjoyed some quiet time in the park.  Beautiful scenery and a great time to unwind and just be by myself for a bit.  On Sunday we decided to head to Cedar Rapids.  Our brother-in-law owns a restaurant there and we hadn't been there yet.  Shame shame.  We saw their new house and Stella got to play with her cousins for a bit, and then we went for an early supper.  If you're ever in the area, check out the White Star.  Delicious food and beautiful restaurant...and not just because I'm prejudice ;-).

Tuesday was my birthday, and it was a very dreary rainy day.  Stella, Kaiser and I spent the day at home.  They both decided to give me a hard time for my birthday.  Oh well, what are ya gonna do?  I still enjoyed my day with them (good thing they're so cute).  Mark came home and surprised me with a really nice card (complete with a special handwritten message inside!) and some beautiful orange roses.  We dropped Stella off with Mark's parents so we could go to dinner and she even spent the night!  (we didn't want to disrupt her sleep again since she goes to bed at 6:30, and then I was able to run errands the next day)  We went to dinner at Z Best Cafe (in Sheffield, if you haven't been there you are MISSING OUT!) and it was undoubtedly the best meal of my life.  I had organic chicken sauteed in mushrooms and spinach with asparagus and roasted potatoes.  Of course I had dessert too...chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream...gotta have cake on your birthday ;-)  We came home, watched a movie and went to bed.

Now with our birthdays out of the way it's time to focus on Stella's.  I've already started party planning and it's SO much fun.  I am excited for her big day!!  Is it really only a month away?  Yikes...better get planning!