Monday, September 15, 2014

Finally...Fabulous Fall!

I really do enjoy living in Illinois where we get to experience the changing seasons, but I must say that I highly anticipate fall every year!  It's the season for cozy clothes, pumpkin everything, mine/Mark's/and now Stella's birthdays, crisp weather, Tanner's Orchard, hay rack rides, beautiful scenery, OK I could go on all day here.  You get the point, I love fall.  Last fall I was super prego and by that point it hurt just to stand, so this year I'm living it up!  (although I did have a beautiful fall-themed baby shower last year, read that post HERE

This past weekend saw temperatures dip into the 60s for a high so I thought it was the perfect time to kick off fall in the Bomleny house (even though we're a week early "officially").  Thursday my sister-in-law and I took our 3 little girls to the local orchard, Tanners.  The girls played outside for a little bit first, but it was actually COLD (I even turned my heat on that night!) so we quickly went inside.  After enjoying a delicious lunch and cappuccino, we did some shopping.  I picked up apples, cider donuts, and fresh cider.  What a great way to start the weekend!

Friday was a rainy, crappy day so it was the perfect time to do some cleaning.  Stella was in a great mood so I got my entire house cleaned (no easy task these days)!  Saturday was just BEAUTIFUL outside, so I treated myself to a cider donut and Pumpkin Spice Latte for breakfast and then I did my fall decorating.  I was pleased with the results, not too many options in such a small place but we make it work ;-)

I made sure we got out and enjoyed the weather Saturday afternoon.  We hung out with daddy in the shop and checked out the chicken coop he is building (sidenote:  farm fresh eggs are INCREDIBLE!  never had them before and they blow store bought ones away!  hope I never have to go back). 

Sunday it was time for my weekly prep.  I put together a meal plan for the week and Stella and I went shopping with my mom for groceries (and hit up Target and Kohls of course).  Miss Stella was a super crab, but I enjoyed the day with my mom.  We indulged in Caribu Coffee on the way home, but I kept it light today with an iced coffee and a splash of pumpkin flavoring :-)  I spent Sunday afternoon doing my food prep and whipping up some fresh applesauce for Stella (from the orchard apples), and we capped the day off by grilling out. 

Super weekend!  Can't wait to enjoy the rest of the fall festivities coming our way!!

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