Monday, September 22, 2014

A fun-filled weekend in Chicago

Mark's company always throws a party for the top sellers each year and this year we were lucky enough to attend.  We decided to leave the "kids" with Mark's parents and head to Chicago for an adult weekend.  Knowing this was coming, I soaked up as much time as possible with Stella and Kaiser on Friday.  After playing an endless game of fetch with Kaiser, Stella and I headed to town.  I made sure to go after her morning nap and it worked like a charm.  She was one happy baby!  We ran some errands and then went to the park.  It is called Windmont Park and it's pretty nice.  There is a walking path around a lake, big porch style swings along the path, several picnic shelters and 2 different playground areas.  I enjoyed an iced coffee while Stella and I walked 3 laps around the lake to get our mile in.  I faced her forward in her stroller for the first time and she LOVED IT!  She was waving and smiling at everyone there, she was quite the hit!  Pretty much everyone stopped me to ask about her!  We also rocked in the swings a few times, that was Stella's favorite part.  She liked to watch the walkers go by and wave at them.  Such a sweetie!  We made a quick trip to Wal Mart and then headed home.

All excited for an afternoon at the park!

Fun for mommy and Stella!

Beautiful scenery, beautiful girl.
On Saturday Mark watched Stella so I could get ready and pack.  He even ran them to his parents for me so I had extra time! (to be fair, he was out in the shop with a buddy late the night before, so it was "my day")  Around 1:30 we hit the road for Chicago.  The hotel was beautiful, the food was excellent, the bar was open, and the band was from our old town!  They were a blast, and very talented!  It was such a fun evening, and so nice to get some time to ourselves ;-)

You know it's a fancy hotel when the bathroom has suicide doors and a TV in the MIRROR!

Cheers to an adult weekend!
Sunday we checked out of the hotel around 10:30 after a leisurely morning and headed out for some shopping (hey, we were right across the street from Woodfield Mall.  can't pass that up!)  We ate a terrible lunch at A&W (the root beer wasn't working, the ice cream wasn't ready yet, the employees were dirty and I watched a lady pick her nose.  seriously, I thought it was going to be food poisoning:  the sequel), and then Mark headed off to Cabelas while I spent the afternoon at the mall.  I don't know why I get so hyped up about shopping there, after about 10 minutes I realize how pricey everything is, grab a coffee and spend the rest of the time people watching anticipating my next trip to Target.  Anyways, it's nice to go to the "big city" once and a while.  And I do mean once in a while.  Like once a year.  I did enjoy a mini-makeover in Sephora and purchased some make-up.  After grabbing some chinese for an early dinner we left for home.  Just missed that baby too much.  We picked her up around 6:00, they were both good as gold all weekend.  Good to hear!  We came home, relaxed on the couch, and went to bed early.  Another fun weekend in the books!
Beautiful morning for some city shopping!

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