Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Month Update

Spring has sprung!  Despite one snow day in April (yuck!) this past month has been full of beautiful weather.  And we've been soaking it up!  Mark has been working- all. the. time. (gotta love farming!) so Stella and I have been heading to town more often to enjoy walks and playtime with cousins Ryder and Parker!  When we don't feel like leaving home, I put her in the Baby Bjorn and we walk around the farm with Kaiser. 

Excited for baseball and warm weather!

My little bear and I enjoying some fresh air.

This picture cracks me up.  Just relaxing after a walk.
Other than getting plenty of fresh air, this has been a pretty low-key month.  We did go to cousin Brayden's birthday party, and of course celebrated Easter!  I'm trying to get Stella out and about more.  Now that it's nice out it's time to teach her how to cope with days when we aren't able to follow her routine.  I'm so thankful we have a great routine established at home, but I think it's equally important to teach your kids to be adaptable! 

Learning how to function without her daily routine when we're out and about is hard work!
Yes, we now have chicks!  Plenty of farm fresh eggs in our future.

The Routine:
Stella is still taking 6 oz of formula every 3 hours (5 feedings per day).  I tried to up it to 7 oz, but she just spit it all up.  We had to give up the mid-feeding burp session...all she did was scream for her bottle since she knew there was more in there!  She also recognizes the bottle...if I prepare it and walk by her to put it down, she starts crying!  Smart babe.  We virtually eliminated spit-ups by letting her sit for a minute or two after a feeding before burping her.  She used to spit up a lot at burps, but not anymore!  She still does when she's laying down and gets excited...no big deal!  Stella is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room.  I absolutely love hearing her little coos during the night.  She also raises both her legs and slams them down hard when she's putting herself back to sleep.  It's adorable!  I know the 6 month mark will bring great changes.  In the next few weeks I'm looking to start baby food, spring clean, move Stella to her crib, and start (loosely) scheduled naps in her crib.  But for now I'm just enjoying the last nights of her sleeping right next to me.  And for the great news...drum roll please...she's back in her cloth diapers!  After much procrastinating I decided to give it a go at the beginning of April.  We've only had 1 leak all month!  It happened after one diaper was pretty dry, so the next one she soaked right through.  I do have a double liner to insert, just haven't done it yet since she's only had one leak.  I still do disposables at night, she actually wears a size 3 overnight diaper (that's the smallest I've found overnights in, and even though she's still in a size 2 (since week 18), the 3 works fine for overnight).  Since she sleeps 12-13 hours at night, I can't see cloth working that long without loading it with liners.  That just seems uncomfortable.  I've heard switching between cloth and disposable causes a rash, but we have had no problems with this.  I also currently use disposables when we're on the go.  I do hope to eliminate this soon, that's my next project!  Looking to go strictly cloth, other than overnight.  I am so relieved...where there's a will there's a way!!

Mommy's helpers while I stuff cloth diapers!
 A few of Stella's favorite things:  
  • Meeting lots of milestones this month!  She is staying close to the "typical development schedule," slightly ahead in some areas and behind in others.  I don't sweat it if she's behind, we just work at it a little and keep it fun.  This month Stella REALLY started reaching for toys, raising her chest off the mat at Tummy Time, keeping her head level when pulled to a sitting position, and rolling over from her back to her side.  She can't quite get past that arm yet, but she loves to try!  (17 weeks)
  • Making all kinds of weird noises!  She is constantly babbling, clicking her tongue, smacking her lips, blowing bubbles, making razzing noises...she is one loud baby!  And we love it.  (really picked up at 20 weeks)
  • Getting more proficient with her hands.  She likes holding the book at story time, trying to hold her bottle, and our favorite-reaching out and touching mommy and daddy's faces!  She can also pull the musical toys on her chair and mat now on her own as well as push all the buttons on her music toys.  She loves music!  It's so fun watching her explore and learn.  (18-21 weeks)
  • Bath time!  No matter how much she's fussing at night (and unfortunately that has picked back up) she gets happy when we put her in the tub.  She even smiles now in there and has learned how to kick her legs and splash around!  I think she's going to be a pool baby this summer!

Rolling over from back to side, but can't quite get all the way over yet.

Learning how to use her hands.
Around the house:
  • Unfortunately I threw my back out again this month, and I've been having some pain around my incision again.  I decided enough was enough and it's time to take action!  I finally visited a chiropractor (which was amazing...more details on that in a future health & fitness post) and made an appointment with a different doctor clinic to get a second opinion on my C-section healing.  Summer is almost here and I don't intend to spend it hiding away in my house in pain!
  • This month has been hard since Mark has been working from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week.  It's stressful for him, and for me since I don't get a break from the baby.  On the hardest days I remind myself that Stella will never be this age again.  Every day she is a little older.  That is all it takes to let go of the stress.  I just take a deep breath when the fussing begins, hold her, kiss her, and study that ever-changing chubby little face. Because tomorrow it's going to look a little bit different and I don't want to miss a thing!
Can't ditch that crazy hair, but that's OK because we love it!

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