Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Mommy Madness: Our First 3 Weeks At Home (Part 1)

What We've Been Up To
The first day at home was even harder than the first night at home.  We went to the hospital first thing in the morning (after a sleepless night with an unhappy baby) to have Stella tested (again) for jaundice.  We had to register her to begin with, there was a huge wait in the lab, she hated getting her foot stuck (again), and then we had to wait for the results.  Luckily we were able to wait in OB, which was empty since they're closing that department.  I could tell her levels were rising, she was beginning to get lethargic and wouldn't wake to eat.  I finally got her awake after an hour in the waiting room and nursed her.  I was so sore, it hurt so bad just to sit and we'd been at the hospital for over 2 hours.  Finally we got the results:  the levels were too high, and her doctor (who we hadn't even met yet) wanted her to go on the blanket.  We opted to pick up the blanket while we were there and get started right away to knock this thing out.  So we waited for them to bring the blanket up.  And waited.  And waited.  After another hour passed Mark went downstairs to get it himself, and came back very livid.  When he went to the equipment department, the lady behind the desk informed him that the lady who had the blanket decided to eat her lunch first and THEN bring it to us.  At this point I started that all too familiar crying again.  Mark got super mad (rightfully so) and went back to hunt her down at lunch and get the blanket himself.  Just when we thought it couldn't get worse, when he went back to the office the lady behind the desk says "oh, it's actually right here."  Mark asked her if she knew how to use it and she said yes!  She had the blanket that entire time!  What a terrible liar/person!  While Mark was taking care of business, I started getting worse.  I was in pain, didn't have my meds with me, and had only eaten a granola bar all morning.  We were going on 4 hours at the hospital.  I started crying, and a nurse gave me some Tylenol, water, and pudding.  She was so nice.  But those baby blues had kicked in, and when my doctor's nurse came in to say hi (who is one of the nicest girls ever) I just lost it.  I started crying hysterically and she just hugged me.  At this point Mark returned and we were able to go home.  The first nurse had informed the supervisor of the bad treatment from the ladies in medical supply and they were all super mad at that department.  From the sounds of it this was the norm for them.  They said we could file a complaint but I just needed to get home.  Once again they had to wheel me out.  So I guess I was "discharged" from the hospital twice.  When we got to the lobby there was a big presentation going on, lots of political people visiting.  And there I am in my wheelchair bawling.  Must have been quite the show!!  I'd like to say it got better when we got home, but no such luck.  I was in so much pain and Mark left to go into work for a few hours and to make a Wal Mart run.  My mom was with me, but I couldn't stop crying.  The blanket sucked too.  I don't know why they call it a blanket, it's more like a large paddle that they expect you to wrap around your 7 pound baby.  I cried about that, and just everything.  I also couldn't eat, my stomach was so messed up, but I had to in order to breastfeed.  Luckily my mom made us some supper.

In her jaundice "blanket"

Sweet girl didn't mind the blanket!
The next afternoon Stella had her first doctor appointment.  It was nice to meet her doctor, we really like him.  She checked out just fine (minus the jaundice).  He let us ask all the questions we wanted (I had quite the list!).  That night was our first night alone, my mom left when we went to the doctor.  By this time my feet had swelled up so bad I couldn't put shoes on.  I called my doctor and she said it was the fluids working their way out of my system, but it still concerned me.  I always worry about blood clots.  She called the next morning to check on me, which really impressed me!  I sure came to like my doctor. After speaking with her (the swelling had only slightly went down so she wanted me to come in Monday) we headed to the hospital for another jaundice check.  This time we didn't wait for the results.  It was Saturday and we got there right as the lab closed, but the lady still did the test and fell in love with Stella.  Stella's doctor called before we even got home with the best news:  her levels were down!!  No more blanket!!  I was so happy we only had to use it for 2 days, I could tell it made a big difference.  Stella was back to waking up every few hours to eat, and her color was so much better.  Jeff & Jenny brought a pizza over that night, it was nice to socialize again.  Sunday my dad came over to help Mark in the shop (they are hooking a heater up out there) and my sister came to help me.  She did some cleaning and laundry and had also made a Wal Mart run for us.  Sure is nice to have family around.  She was also lucky enough to help me shower (Mark got a day off)...I'm sure that was the highlight of her weekend!

Ready for my first doctor appointment!

I'm one week old today!

Monday brought another trip to the doctor, but for me this time.  My swelling was normal and everything else looked to be healing nicely.  I remember telling my doctor that I hurt so bad.  In her normal to-the-point manner she says "well we sliced open your stomach, pinned it back, sliced through 7 layers of muscle, took everything out, got baby, put it all back in, and sewed you back up.  You're going to hurt."  Although I grimaced at the mental picture, that made me feel better.  I was supposed to feel like this, terrible as it was.  After a quick pit stop at Ace, we got milkshakes and went back home.  I was glad this was the only doctor/hospital trip scheduled this week, sure got burnt out on those!  Tuesday was my due date...crazy Stella was 9 days old already!  I spent that day and Wednesday resting, because Thursday was Thanksgiving!!  That was actually a good day.  The sun was out, it wasn't bitter cold, and we had so much to be thankful for.  We spent the morning drinking cappuccino, watching the parade, giving Stella a bath and getting ready.  Lunch was spent with Mark's family, dinner with mine.  It was a great opportunity to introduce Stella to the rest of her family.  She was as good as gold all day...probably because she didn't go long without being held!

We paid for that the next couple days.  She was SO SO fussy Friday and Saturday!  By Sunday she was back in her "routine" if you can even call it that.  My parents came out and brought lunch and supper.  Mark's aunt and cousin also stopped out to meet Stella.

Monday afternoon Stella had her 2 week doctor check-up.  We waited in the waiting room for an hour before we got in.  That was rough, there's nothing worse that bringing a brand new baby into a place full of germs!  I made the next appointment for first thing in the morning to avoid that happening again.  Thankfully her check-up went well.  She weighed 7lb, 8oz at birth; 7lbs at her one week appointment; and 7lb, 12oz at her two week appointment.  She was right on track, which made me feel good about the breastfeeding.  I had lots of questions again, and the doctor took his time answering all of them.  Gotta love that!  He's really laid back, which is good for me because I'm not, so it helps me relax.

We were going to my friends after the appointment to take Stella's newborn pictures, but since we were at the doctor so long she was super hungry and crabby when we got there.  Even though I nursed her, she wouldn't snap out of it.  We're going to try the pictures again next week...but my friend is good, so she captured a few good ones despite Stella's attitude :-)

Stella and I haven't left the house since that day.  It's been 9 days.  We got some snow and temps have been well below freezing, so we are hibernating.  I can't drive yet anyway, and we've been able to get into a better routine, but I am starting to develop cabin fever.  I don't think the next baby will be a winter baby (if we can help it).  Mark went deer hunting last weekend and I was super lonely and bored.  I can drive again this weekend, so I'm hoping to go out (alone) and do some shopping...even if I only make it to Wal Mart!  We also hope to get a Christmas tree Friday, it's supposed to be decently warm that day.

Tomorrow I will finish up this post with Part 2:  The Emotional Roller Coaster I've been on since we've been home...

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