Monday, November 4, 2013

Stella's Nursery!

The nursery is finally finished!  We tried to create a cute, calm nursery while spending as little money as possible.  The room is very small (as are all the rooms in our 800 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home), so we were also working with limited space.  With that being said, I am totally pleased with the results.  My sister laughs at me because I wanted no pink in the room (although I'm totally fine with a pink wardrobe for little Stella!) and I didn't want a theme.  I'm just weird like that I guess.  To avoid rambling, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves!

dresser borrowed from G&G Bomleny, crib from Grandpa Bob.  we painted the room with leftover paint from the rest of the house, choosing a darker brown for an accent wall.  we also opted to keep the same carpet and just give it another good cleaning.

lamp was $8 at Hobby Lobby (base is broken but you can't tell unless you pick it up).  picture is the reading of The Velveteen Rabbit from our wedding.

a sneak peek into one of the drawers.  see, there's lots of pink in there!  I bought a total of 3 outfits for Stella, yet her drawers and closet are full.  A plus to having 5 older girl cousins and generous aunts!

frames were ones we already owned, I just printed out the pictures at Wal Mart.  we did purchase the bedding (I bought the pieces separate because the sets had lots of items in them that I didn't want), mobile, and mattress.

this is the accent wall behind the crib.  we really just ran out of light paint, but it worked out pretty well!

threw in some giraffes so Abby would be happy :-)  so glad I did, they are adorable.  bedding from Babies R Us, bed skirt ordered off Amazon.

used a tote I already had to hold extra items for diaper bag, which will also sit in this corner (it's packed right now!)
this tote fits like a glove under the crib.  it has extra cloth diapers, inserts for diapers that will go in when she's bigger, and travel diaper covers and pads.
changing table from Aunt Abby.  pad and cover were a gift, baskets are ones I already had from Target (wedding gift).  curtains were a steal at $13 each at Shopko.

Bath goodies (all natural of course).  gifts from shower, some were ordered from Amazon (natural nipple cream, diaper rash cream, and room spray).

cloth wipes and diaper covers (for swimming and extra protection at night if needed).

cloth diapers and inserts, washed and ready to be dirtied!
chair from Grandma Sue, teddy bear was a gift from Mark to me years ago on Valentine's Day!

found this mirror for $16 at Lowes a year ago and bought it only because it was such a deal.  works perfect in the nursery, love the distressed look.  they still sell it, now for $90!

glider from Wal Mart.
pretty big closet for such a small room!

already had fabric boxes, tag labels from Hobby Lobby, already had candles.  boxes hold holiday outfits, car seat covers, and toys.

I only hung outfits and coats, the rest of her clothes are in the dresser.

bookshelf $20 from Target, all books were shower gifts.

look at the Baby Stella book from Great Grandma Norton!  Mark helped me make the hairband container, despite hating hairbands on babies.  guess a preggers wife is hard to say no to!

the idea came from Pinterest.  The can is an old recycled (washed) oatmeal container.  Mark gave it 2 coats of white spray paint/primer (otherwise you could read the oatmeal label through the burlap) and then attached the burlap with tiny nuts & bolts.  The burlap is glued with Elmers gel glue on the lid.  I keep her barrettes in the can.

closet organizer was $20 at Burlington Coat Factory, 2 extra drawers were $8.  they hold blankets, sheets & changing pad covers, towels, and washcloths & burp rags.  the tote I already had, it just holds a few extra items.
the bag is a Grovia handing diaper pail, perfect when you're tight on space!  I ordered it off Pinstripes & Polkadots, also can be found on Amazon.

light fixture was already in room. 
Feels good to have the nursery set up and cleaned.  Now all we need is our baby girl!

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