Thursday, October 17, 2013

34 Weeks and I no longer sleep...

I have been doing terrible at keeping up with this blog...but I came up with a game plan today...going to try to start posting twice a week, and hopefully increasing that number after baby Stella arrives!  I'm sad to say it's been over a month and a half since I posted, but no use crying over spilled milk so let's get caught up!

Physically:  I have gained 44 pounds so far!  I know, it's outrageous.  My doctor yells at me every time I go in.  Too bad!  I eat healthy (for the most part) and get a little exercise most days.  I stay away from caffeine, and I haven't had any complications during my pregnancy.  So I say again...too bad!  I am 5'3", so of course I look enormous.  But I'm healthy and so is Stella (so far, God willing it continues).  In the beginning I was so afraid of the weight gain, terrified of putting on too much (as most first-time moms are, I'm sure).  But now I'm confident and comfortable with my new body, so as long as I'm staying healthy and reasonable I'm OK with the pounds!  (sorry doc).  My heartburn has decreased, a much welcomed relief!  However, I now have a terrible rash all over my neck and chest that looks like acne.  My dermatologist said it's just a pregnancy rash, nothing to worry about.  Oh, other than it looking awful!  All worth it for my baby girl!  Stella is still moving often, though not as strongly as before due to decreased room in there.  I am getting quite riding is a nightmare and I don't sleep much at night (thanks to a trip to the toilet every 1-2 hours and maneuvering this bowling ball in my belly every time I roll over...not to mention having to take my body pillow with me with each turn in my sleep!).  My maternity clothes are getting too small and NONE of my bras fit anymore...yes, now we're getting personal.  I think tomorrow I'm going to buy a mu mu and the most comfortable (and ugliest I'm sure) bra I can find and live in them until I give birth.  Seriously.  I also had some Braxton Hicks contractions while driving home from Peoria last week.  It was like a nightmare...driving behind a truck doing 48mph, in a dead zone where my phone wouldn't work, and when it did work Mark couldn't answer his phone.  That was fun!  Those were some painful false contractions, can't wait to experience the real thing!  But I must conclude this section by saying overall, I feel pretty dang good!  I am healthy and happy, and Stella is right on track.  Being pregnant is amazing, and I'm not quite ready for it to be over.  I thank God every day for my daughter and I haven't even met her yet!  I'm also thankful fall is here and that miserably hot, humid weather (that carried into October!) is finally gone.  Life is good.

Emotionally:  Overwhelmed.  That is the word that best describes me right now.  Since I am really big and carrying low, I have a hunch I'll have Stella a little early.  My goal is to be ready by 36 weeks.  That is less than 2 weeks away.  True to form, I made a game plan for the next 2 weeks to keep myself on track.  That helped me relax, so I'm doing better now!  Other than that I'm just a little tired, a little nervous, and a lot excited!

What's Been Going On: 

A lot, since I stink at updating my blog!  If I were to put everything in this blog post it would go on forever...and my back won't cooperate sitting in front of the computer that long!  So some upcoming posts to watch for:  my (beautiful) baby shower, the (finished!) nursery, a glance into my hospital bag (that I will pack this weekend), a view of our maternity pictures (that my amazing sister took), and an update on the cloth diapers (after I receive, wash, and practice using them). 

So for now I'll just fill you in on the other things that have been keeping me away from my computer.  At the beginning of September I finished researching cloth diapers and completed that registry.  Then my sister, nephew, and I registered for my shower at Babies-R-Us (after much research on the baby items I need,  and those I can live without!).  Mid-September my sister-in-law Jenny sent out my baby shower invites, and we spent the next month planning and preparing for my shower.  Mark and I also spent a weekend in Galena on a work trip that also served as our babymoon.  On Friday of that weekend the ladies went to the spa and shopped while the guys golfed.  We then enjoyed a steak dinner at the amazing house that was rented and sipped several adult drinks (Shirley Temples for me).  Saturday we could golf or go horseback riding after lunch at the clubhouse, but I could do neither being so prego, so Mark and I spend the day downtown by ourselves.  We toured Ulysses S. Grant's house and the oldest house in Galena, did some shopping (picking up some homemade treats for Kaiser of course), and enjoyed a few drinks in the brewery (root beer on tap for me!).  That night we had tacos back at the house and called it an early night.  Sunday we headed home after breakfast, stopping at Poopy's (a biker bar with delicious food) for lunch on the way home. 

I've spent more time in the hospital too...nothing that wasn't routine, thankfully.  I had my 30 week Ultrasound to check my low-lying placenta.  Everything looked good there, which was a sigh of relief.  Mark wasn't able to go to that appointment.  I sure enjoyed seeing Stella again, hard to believe the next time will be in person!  I didn't get any good pictures worth sharing this time though.  We also found out that we will definitely be delivering in Spring Valley.  Mark and I decided to plan the route and tour the hospital at the end of September.  It only took us 40 minutes to drive there, so not too bad.  They told me all my paperwork transferred (hahaha...we'll see), but they did give us a tour.  It's a nice hospital, but Princeton offers a more home-like setting with double beds in their birthing center while SV does not.  I still get to see my doctor in the Princeton office, which is nice, but I am disappointed to switch hospitals this late in the game.  But what you gonna do?

Finally, I did get 2 vaccinations at CVS:  T-dap and the flu shot.  While I am all for natural cures and minimal vaccinations, I did opt to have these two done.  I talked with my doctor, 2 pharmacists, and consulted several books on the matter before getting the shots, and they were all for getting them.  Chemicals are everywhere, and this is one place where I wasn't going to put Stella at risk because of my fear of them. 

Belly Picture Time:

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