Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's a.....

GIRL!!!!  When we went in for genetic testing at 13 weeks, the girl doing our ultrasound told us she would be surprised if it wasn't a girl.  We tried not to go off that since I wasn't very far along, but I was very excited!

We had our next ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, July 2nd, but as luck would have it we had to reschedule.  When we woke up that morning our dog Kaiser was acting very sick.  He was doing a lot of crying, wouldn't eat, and couldn't pick up his Kong (very unlike him).  I was really worried, he's never acted like that before.  We made him an emergency vet appointment and bumped my doctor appointments back a day.  Come to find out Kaiser hyper extended his jaw while playing fetch and couldn't open his mouth.  Luckily 10 days of muscle relaxers and a break from Kong (longest 3 days of his life!) cured our sweet boy.  I think I cried every time he did that day, how am I going to handle a sick baby??

So Wednesday arrived and it was doctor time!  My ultrasound appointment was first followed by my monthly check-up with my doctor.  I learned from last time's mistake when prepping for the ultrasound...last time I followed their "chug water and don't pee" rules to a T and I was miserable!  They had to let me go use the restroom because I couldn't lay down without crying (OK, I'm not that emotional, without wanting to cry).  I drink so much water anyway that I just didn't need to follow those rules.  This time I was much more comfortable.  However, another problem took shape...while laying down I couldn't see the screen!  They told me they were just doing "boring measuring" of baby, well I told them that's torture and I want to see my baby for as long as I can!  She moved the computer so I could see.  Honestly, how is that not automatic? 

This ultrasound lasted about an hour...lots of measuring.  About 20 minutes in they told us it was indeed a girl!  I was so happy!  This will be the 8th girl on Mark's side (in addition to 2 boys) but the first on mine.  Knowing the sex made her seem more real.  It was an incredible feeling.  After another half hour of measuring and pictures (baby girl had her own agenda and kept moving like crazy!) they loaded a CD with pix and sent us upstairs to my doc.  They told me they would have the doctor read the results and send them right up.  Prompt care at a hospital?  I was impressed!

My doctor appointment was normal, just the typical pee in a cup, measuring, and my favorite...the heartbeat!  Right before we left the results came up.  Everything looked normal except my placenta is sitting lower than normal.  My doctor said it's not a concern, but the doc who reads the ultrasound recommended another one at 30 weeks to be safe.  We've already met our deductible, why not?  Baby was measuring 2 days ahead of schedule, already a big girl...yikes!

We celebrated by eating Olive Garden and going to fireworks.  Mark texted (is that a word?) his family the gender news but we decided to tell my family the next day since we'd be spending the 4th of July at my grandparents pool with them.  We had everyone make their guesses before telling them it's a girl.  We also revealed the name....Stella.  We've had that name picked out forever.  We're undecided on the middle name, but know we want to use a family name.

It's so hard to believe I'm already halfway through my pregnancy.  I have been so blessed with an easy pregnancy and (so far) a healthy baby.  I pray everything continues to go so smoothly, and I'm looking forward to preparing Stella's nursery--it's finally cleared out and scrubbed clean, woo hoo!  We're going to have a daughter!!!!!!!!!!!

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