Monday, June 24, 2013

Linen Closet Makeover

My husband and I did something that I don't recommend to ANYONE when we bought our little house...we only looked at it once before we bought it.  I know.  We should be pros by now.  Maybe it was desperation, maybe we were just tired of looking at houses?  Later I'll share some of the cons of this mistake, but today there is actually a PRO to our foolish ways.  This little gem...a linen closet!  An hour before we signed for the house we did a walk through to make sure everything was intact (more on that horrible experience later) and we were both thrilled to find a little linen closet in the hallway!!  Neither of us remembered it was there! (I didn't take pictures at the showing? Seriously, what the hell were we doing??)  Anyways, I was so excited to dig into this project.  After doing some browsing on Pinterest I found a closet I fell in love with and that served as my inspiration for my linen closet.

 The closet was filthy, so I began by washing it out (using hot water and my micro-fiber cleaning cloth.  I LOVE my micro-fiber cloths for cleaning.  They do an amazing job and can be used in every room of the house.  Tip:  Don't buy them in the cleaning section.  They will run you about $3-$4 each.  I got a pack of 12 in the car cleaning section of Wal Mart for about $9.  Steal!)  I then painted the closet a rich wine/chocolate color (Vintage Wine by Benjamin Moore, the same color as our pantry).  The walls just drank up the paint so Mark was kind enough to do the second coat for me.  Then I discovered just how nasty the white shelves were.

So they all got a fresh coat of white paint. MUCH better!!  After putting them back in, I laid out everything in the hallway that I wanted to go in there.  Of course, it all didn't come close to fitting.  So I had to get creative.  Medicine went in a drawer in the kitchen, extra bathroom goodies went on a shelf under the basement stairs (more on that later), kitchen towels and dishcloths went in a kitchen cupboard, and then I arranged everything else like a puzzle until it all fit.

Other than the paint, I didn't buy anything for this project.  Since I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, I'm trying to spend as little money as possible right now.  You'd think moving to a house half the size of your old one wouldn't require you to buy anything, but in reality stuff just hasn't been compatible.  Anywho, be creative with projects!  I've seen some awesome baskets made on Pinterest using old cardboard boxes and cloth, ribbon, or burlap if you don't have any laying around.  [Sidenote:  I took the liners out of all my baskets and washed them when we moved.  They get pretty disgusting after a while.  Then I put all my baskets in one place so I could select the best sizes and matches for each project.]

Top shelf:  Basket with cleaning cloths and towels.  Second Shelf:  Basket with washcloths, hand towels behind it.  Sheets to the side are folded into their pillowcases to look neater.

Repeat of second shelf (oops)  Third Shelf:  Display towels only set out for special occasions and company so they stay nice (and allow us to use cheaper, but still soft, towels for everyday use).  Basket with bathroom "spa" goodies for me.

Bottom Shelf:  Baskets with nail polishes and hair products.  I think it's obvious what's on the floor ;-)
This was a simple project that was finished in a weekend.  Not bad for a little closet that we forgot even existed!

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