Monday, April 29, 2013


This is my second attempt at a blog.  My first one was an awesome learning opportunity, but I just wasn't happy with it.  (First fact about me, I am a perfectionist.) Oh, well...when at first you don't succeed, try try again.  (you will probably see this motto recurring often throughout my blog!)  So, here we go...

I grew up in a town of 800 people in central Illinois, and loved it.  Wouldn't have had it any other way.  After high school I went to college to be an elementary education teacher.  My first teaching job was in preschool.  It was a blast!  Sadly the school closed due to low enrollment, so I then went on to get a job as an RtI Coordinator at a different school, and then taught 2nd grade the following year at that same school.  Nothing like a new job every year, it was pretty crazy!  Adding to all that career chaos, my boyfriend (or should I say high school sweetheart, we got together when I was 16...yes, he was from the same small town as well.  we actually lived down the street from each other!) and I got married June 18, 2011.

Now, if you're thinking "3 different jobs and a wedding in 5 years isn't too bad" then I'll add some more obstacles to our post-college lives.  We also moved 4 times during those same 5 years (my husband worked for a company who moved their management every 2 years).  It was insane, and it kinda sucked.  We hated moving.  After starting out in an apartment, we bought and renovated 2 houses and each time we finished, we had to move.  It was time to put down roots, and we wanted to do that "back home".  In the fall of 2013 we bought a small house out in the country near our hometown, and it just fits. 

We are glad those stressful years are behind us.  My husband (Mark) has a new job that he loves, one that won't make us uproot our lives constantly.  I left teaching to become a stay at home mommy to our daughter Stella Anne, who was born on November 17, 2013.  Our house is less than half the size of our old one, but it is efficient, remodeled, and cozy.  After the craziness of our past, we have vowed to make life simpler for our future.  Thus this blog, "The Simple Bare Necessities of Life" (also one of my favorite songs ever) was born.  

I am looking forward to documenting my journey as I build a simpler, cleaner, more balanced, happier life on a one-income budget.  No matter how many times I have to try, try again...

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